Our area has experienced the worst devastation seen in our lifetimes and the recovery process will be long. Our thoughts are with all those who have suffered tremendous loss. However, I’m confident that our community will rally together once again and support each other during this time of need. We continue to stay in close communication with the Emergency Operations Center, law enforcement, and other first responders as they assess the needs throughout our county. We were happy to be able to offer our assistance by providing shelters in two of our schools. Rebuilding our community will continue to be a process of all of us working together. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to emergency personnel, first responders, law enforcement, linemen, communications providers, and all those who have been working so hard to make sure our citizens are safe and to begin to restore some degree of normalcy to the area. We WILL recover and rebuild. As the recovery efforts continue, please exercise caution and stay safe. Count your blessings, and hug your family a little tighter this weekend! ~ Terry L. Mears, Superintendent