Due to food supply chain disruptions, we regretfully announce that we will be unable to serve holiday meals on November 18 and December 13 as planned. We apologize for the cancellation and ask for your patience as we continue to work through supply chain issues. Below is a memo from Carmen Bush, HDSB Food Service Director.
FROM: Carmen Bush, Food Service Director
DATE: November 10, 2021
SUBJECT: Supply Chain Disruptions
Our school district has been experiencing supply chain disruptions since the 2020-2021 school year. We are currently experiencing even greater challenges that include unanticipated cancellation of food and supply contracts, lack of availability of certain foods, unexpected substitution of food products, and increased food and supply costs.
We are making last-minute, week-to-week changes to our regular menus based on availability. Our holiday meal items are not available at this time, so regretfully, we are cancelling the holiday meals scheduled for November 18th and December 13th. We appreciate your support and ask for your patience as we work through these supply chain issues.