Superintendent Brown has released the following directive regarding school events:

TO:                  HDSB

 FROM:            Superintendent Buddy L. Brown

 DATE:            August 2, 2021

 SUBJECT:      Scheduling of Events on Wednesday


I currently have some concerns about the over scheduling of events and in particular extracurricular activities during the school week.  I have come to the decision that the mid-week day of Wednesday will be considered a time-out period in concerns of activities scheduled outside of the normal school day.


  1.  No extracurricular activities will be regularly scheduled to take place after 5:30 PM during this day.  This is to include any practices, athletic events, or other school related activities that are directly controlled by HDSB.
  2. Exceptions to this rule may include events that have to be rescheduled due to “acts of nature,” events scheduled by agencies or organizations the school or District has a contractual obligation to, and events approved by the School Principal and/or Superintendent that have a direct positive effect on student academic achievement.


We are an educational institution.  Our goal is to safeguard the well-being of our students while focusing on their academic achievement and preparation to be productive members of society when they graduate from our schools.  To expect these students to maintain their physical and academic stamina without giving them an opportunity to have a time of respite and rest, or even a full evening to focus on academics and family is contrary to our goals.  We will use this mid-point of the week as an opportunity for students and their families to have an evening free from any organized school events.